Intelligent strategy

What is it you do?  How do you do it differently from everyone else?  What is your sense of purpose?  What is it that makes you special?

I’ll challenge you to answer these questions, to think differently and to innovate, lead and continually evolve.

A brand with a strong reputation and a genuine ‘sense of purpose’ equals a strong brand – and success.

I will create the image your brand deserves to portray – to be the best it can be and use all the positive resources you already have and dramatically improve the areas that are perhaps holding you back.

I will then manage your number one asset – your reputation – through an intelligent combination of Earned, Bought and Owned media management.

The most effective measure of success is by managing your brand’s reputation and I can’t recommend doing so enough.

So what exactly does reputation management achieve?


I understand the buying cycle which most consumers undertake when looking for a suitable legal provider.

When in the ‘research stage’, when consumers are looking into the options available to them, there are two key avenues which are most prevalently used by consumers:

  1. 29% will rely on ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from friends/family/colleagues;
  2. 21% will rely on searching the web;
  3. The other avenues used by consumers are each in single-figure numbers – showing how important points 1 and 2 are.

In fact, research undertaken by Inc. Magazine shows the impact of online reviews consumers use across all searches when looking for local business support:

  • 37% of consumers use the internet to search for a local business at least once a month;
  • 85% of consumers say they read online customer reviews for local businesses;
  • 71% of consumers say positive reviews increase their trust of a business;
  • 65% of consumers are more likely to go for a company that has positive online reviews;
  • 79% of consumers trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Wow.  So four out of five people trust online customer reviews as much as if their best friend had recommended the same thing to them.

Powerful stuff.  The questions are; what are people saying about your company and do they reflect your efforts favourably?  Are your messages being communicated correctly?  Is there more to your business and how it works than people know?  Are you getting the online reviews you deserve, and if not, why not?  Are you actively encouraging your advocates – such as your happy clients – to recommend you to others?


First, I will develop and implement a reputation management strategy – to claim your slice of the pie you need not only to have a recognised brand plus market share, you need to effectively shape the way clients perceive your practice.  Your online reputation is just as important as your search engine ranking and ensuring you are being viewed in the best light possible, that takes research, analysis, knowledge and a clear mindset.

A great reputation is something no money in the world can buy.  Your online presence needs to be nurtured, fed and watered.  Untendered and uncared for, it could be your downfall.  The online community is never more than one click away from a review site, message board, blog or tweet from discovering what the big wide world really think of you – and it better be good!

To begin with, we will closely examine your core values and discover what it is you really want to be known for.

Once this has been established, I will then identify the stakeholders for whom your reputation matters – that is everyone from your employees, potential employees, clients, potential clients, investors, potential investors, the press and the industry as a whole.

From each of the above, I will  identify the key influencers and approach them through professional research and surveys to discover what your current reputation actually is.  Not the reputation you believe or want to be true – but its true reputation.  This will identify the gaps between genuine reputation versus desired reputation.

Then, if if it needs fixing, I’ll fix it.  And then, I can communicate honestly and positively about your company and its strengths.  If your reputation doesn’t need fixing, I can start communicating your company immediately, to the audiences that matter.