Impeccable implementation

Clara, The PR Expert, will take control and cleverly combine some – or all – of your efforts in the areas of ‘Earned’, ‘Owned’ and ‘Bought’ media.

There’s more to follow on ‘Earned’, ‘Owned’ and ‘Bought’ media – but rest assured that whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, getting the ‘trio’ of media types right will deliver a consistent and powerful PR & marketing programme.

Fragmented, ‘Earned’, ‘Owned’ and ‘Bought’ media are weak and of limited use, but together they are a powerful force that can drive content and key messaging via numerous platforms to help you attract, nurture and close leads and together with a comprehensive marketing strategy, the sky is the limit.


‘Earned Media’ is undoubtedly the most important element within the ‘media trio’.

It refers to the exposure your company or brand ‘earns’ from key influencers who matter to you, your clients and potential clients.  In ‘earning’ respect and thus commentary and recommendations from key influencers, your company will fly.

Gaining positive endorsements from key influencers is critical – be it from the press, ‘online voices’, industry experts and online word of mouth recommendations via your clients’ experiences.

I can help you increase the positive exposure you receive, by informing key influencers about your company and its key differentiators and by creating news hooks which are relevant and appealing.

I will spread the word about your company by distributing relevant content in the form of articles, case studies, press releases, emails, tweets, posts, newsletters and features on the work you do – and why you do it.

Social media platforms will provide opportunities to regularly distribute content and news, providing an easily accessible source of information for content writers and journalists.

It’s all about generating positive mentions, page likes, reviews, reposts and shares among the influencers that matter.


‘Owned media’ refers to any media property you control.  Your website, signage, your own social media posts on your network channels and your own blog are examples of owned media, as are your own magazines and e-Books.

This is content you own – and so are in complete control.

Your website content, social media activity (to some extent), blog posts, email marketing campaigns, press releases and so forth are all uniquely yours – and are vital connections to clients and potential clients in allowing people to interact with your brand.

I will ensure the content implemented across all ‘owned media’ channels are SEO-friendly, in order to capture online searches made by consumers looking for your services.

Owned media allows you to send out positive messages about your practice and is a key tool for ensuring your reputation is amplified exactly the way you want it to be.

I can help focus on producing content that best promotes the services you offer and spread the word far beyond its current confines to a wider audience in the digital sphere.

I can overhaul your current social media output, implement a strategy across all platforms and get people talking about your business.

But first, we need to get more people to visit your website and I will implement the perfect strategy to achieve more digital footfall.  I can create the engaging copy that makes people sit up and notice, talk about and share.  The more engagement, the better.

Is your website providing the opportunities it should be?  Do you have a mobile site and is it making the most of the medium?  Is your social media output performing to its maximum levels and is it sending out the right messages?  Do you have blogs that share interesting and relevant information?

By managing your owned media, I can transform all the aforementioned and more.

In simple terms, the more owned, engaging media you have, the better.  And you own it.


Bought media is an excellent way to drive earned media while bringing additional traffic to your owned media channels.

Paid campaigns such as advertising on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can have powerful results.  Likewise, advertising campaigns in the relevant press read by those customers you wish to reach can be successful.

Incentivising key and genuinely engaged influencers to comment on your services, retweet and share your links is also a useful avenue.

As a specialised AdWord marketing professionals, I can set-up and manage an effective pay-per-click campaign on Google (and on other search engines).